Solution to Restore Your Eyesight and See CLEARLY AGAIN Without wearing lens eyeglasses or using eye drops... You don't have to go for EYE SURGERY anymore. 

Who Says you will wear lens eye glasses or use eye drops for the rest of your life ?... 


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If you really want to see better without glasses and improve your eyesight, then you need to read this page to the end to see how I and 230 others used this natural remedy to improve our eyesight naturally and how you can get yours too.


Dear Friend,

I’m one of those unlucky individuals who was born with weaker eyesight. My story, ordeal, trials, errors and eventual breakthrough to eye problem have inspired and already helped me and ov­er 230 Men and Women See clearly and better without wearing eye glasses and using eye drops.

What if you could throw Your Glasses and eye drops away PERMANENTLY By the Time You Finish Reading This Page?


Imagine what your life would be like without the frustration of stumbling around the rest of your life anytime you're without your glasses or using eye drops…

Wouldn't you just love it, if you could see well again without glasses or using eye drops and spend your hard-earned money on better things?


Let face it, wearing eyeglasses and using eye drops can be uncomfortable and can complicate your life. If you've been using them for a while and think you'll never be able to do without them, this could be the most eye-opening article you'll ever read!


Here are a few questions for you:

  • Has your vision become blurry?
  • Are you not seeing as well as you used to?
  • Does it feel as if there is something 'wrong' with your eyes?
  • Are you worried about your vision deteriorating more and more?
  • Finding it difficult to drive your car without glasses?
  • Are you getting headaches or eyestrain from computer use?
  • Has your child been told that they will need to wear glasses?
  • Are you fed up with the high cost of eye drops?
  • Do you waste so much money on eye glasses or eye drops or both?
  • Are you dependent upon your eyeglasses or using eye drops to see?
  • Have you considered lasik eye surgery but do you feel paralyzed by the fear of risks and the unknown long-term effects of the operation?
  • Are reading glasses becoming an essential tool for you?
  • Do you want better vision without glasses?

…Then this page (website) is for you!


But before we delve deeper into my discoveries let's...
“Listen To What Other People Have To Say..."


People write me all the time telling me how grateful they are to finally being able to escape their life-long dependency on glasses and eye drops...


What People Said After Using EyERelieve.



Testimony 1: "I can now see clearly again without my glasses and don't need the surgery!" "Thanks so much for sharing this product. I used to suffer from poor eyesight for years and wanted to have Lasik eye surgery done, but I was too scared. I'm so glad I tried this product first. I can now see clearly again without my glasses and don't need the surgery!" Amina.

Testimony 2: "My son's eyesight improved drastically and he can now see perfectly again..." "When I discovered my 8 year old son Mike suffered from near-sightedness, I got him to use the relieve . After a few weeks his eyesight improved drastically and he can now see perfectly again. Mike and I are so grateful." Mr&Mrs. Okon  from Calabar.  

Testimony 3: "I gladly recommend this product to all my patients suffering from poor eyesight..." "These phenomenal eye supplement and proven remedy work on almost any patient. I applaud the good works done by this product to  all my patients suffering from poor eyesight." Ijeoma(eye doctor) from Anambra

Testimony 4: "Besides improved eyesight, I now enjoy a focused mind and increased levels of energy. Relieve works like a meditation to me. Taking the supplements really calms me down and gives me a serene sense of peace. Besides improved eyesight, I now enjoy a focused mind and increased levels of energy, health, and enjoyment of life. I feel rejuvenated!" Tunde from Lagos.

Testimony 5: "The TV picture has never seemed so clear..." "What a relief - I am so glad I stumbled across your site! The TV picture has never seemed so clear. I am now bonafide See Without Glasses convert - thank you! Thanks to relieve . Pst, Ogidi from Owerri.

Testimony 6: "I can now see the notes on the blackboard in the lecture hall clearly again!" "I must say I was very skeptical about your product but I thought that I would try it out as I could not make out my tutors notes on the blackboard in our lecture hall. I am now very glad that I did try  relieve as I can now see the notes clearly." Jide from University of Uyo.

Testimony 7: "I now enjoy relieveat  age 45!" "I am so pleased with vitale vision I received from you after 4days of ordering. I was a wary of purchasing it online and a bit skeptical about it really working, but it's great! I now enjoy 20/20 at age 45. Thanks!" Sister Nneka from Benin.

Testimony 8: "I never expected my eyesight would improve this fast..." "I've had the relieve for 90 days now. My eyesight went from R-5.50 and L -6.00 to R-3.00 and L 3.50. I never expected my eyesight would improve this fast, after only 90 days of using the product! I haven't been able to see this well in years. Even colors look brighter to me. I'll keep at it, trying to get it back to 20/20, but even if I don't make that happen, I'm thrilled!" Steven from Abia.

Testimony 9: "My eyes improved tremendously" "I have been following article on Naij and Vanguard so far. One faithful day, I decided to purchase it. Ever since, my eyes improved tremendously. I also recommended it to my mother and she quit wearing her glasses too. She used to have both near and farsightedness problems. She is also a strong determined woman that believes in our ability to heal without operations. I love Vitale  and I wish there was a way for the entire planet to buy !Grace from PH.

Testimony 10: "I can't thank you enough!" I had been thinking about purchasing the  vitale for a few weeks. My wife had told me to look into eye remedy to improve my vision. My progress was so fast i could see better only after a few days. I can't thank you enough! Funke from Kwara State.

Testimony 11: "I can see myself in the mirror!" I hated having to find my glasses first thing in the morning just to get ready for work. I had to put them on and take them off if I needed to put a sweater on it was so annoying! I was very frustrated so I purchased your product called Relieve and gave it a shot. Now although i'm nothing special to look at I can even see myself in the mirror without my glasses on! And I keep seeing improvements every day. Thanks so much Mr. Adetunji for sharing this product. Osinachi Emeka from Anambra.

Testimony  12: "I wish I had of known about this relieve earlier" I'm terrible at looking after my glasses, if I get a new pair they are broken or lost within a few months. Since I started using this, I have no need for my silly glasses any longer! I wish I had of known about these product earlier as it would have saved me thousands of naira. Thank you so much! Chike from Onitsha.

Testimony  13: " Relieve eye remedy has been used by some of my patients to great success." I would like to praise you for providing such a service to the public. Your home based relieve therapy product has been used by some of my patients to great success. Because of this i have started recommending natural relieve repair remedy as an option in my clinic." Dr. Richard from Abuja.

Testimony 14: "I can watch TV now without my glasses on!" Thank you so much for this product. I didn't even know such methods existed and you made it really easy to put them into practice. I'm sure that one day soon my glasses will be gone forever! Chika fom Lagos

Testimony 15: "Thank you for Sharing this ground-breaking product." Relieve is simply jam-packed with great natural herbs for improving vision. Both my wife and I are using the product and can't believe what a difference it's making in our lives. Thank you! Chinedu from Anambra.

Testimony 16: "Lasik surgery made my vision worse" About 1 year ago, i had surgery to correct my vision. I was one of the unlucky ones that actually had worse eyesight afterwards which as you can imagine was horrible. I have only been using your product for almost a month and already I am back to what I was like before my surgery. At this rate i should be able to see clearly within 90 days! Thank you so much! Steven from Anambra.

Testimony 17: "Even my children are using your product now" We have a history of poor eyesight in our family. I started using the  relieve several weeks ago and have seen a dramatic improvement. Even my children are using your product now to improve their eyesight as they hate wearing glasses! Thank you! Fatima from Kano.

Testimony 18: "I no longer have to wear glasses constantly." Thank you so much for helping me fix my eyes. I no longer have to wear glasses constantly and I can see what my teacher is writing on the white board without them! I am very happy that i don't have to wear glasses to school! Blessing Udom from University of Calabar.

As you can see, these are regular people, just like you and me, who decided they wanted a glasses/eye drops-free life, took the plunge, and regained their 20/20 visions with this powerful  Relieve eye remedy.


If Your Eyesight Was Good At Birth... 
What Made It Deteriorate Later?


Think of it: Most children before school age have good eyesight. They gradually lose it when pressure mounts in school from year to year. Many kids become short-sighted in their early teens. By the time we leave school, most of us have bad vision due to mental strain brought on by grueling pressure at school or in the family. Now almost all grown-ups in "civilized" countries have defective vision.


Some Teachers And Eye Doctors Proclaim That Visual Defects Are The Price You Have To Pay For Being Civilized And Educated...
Yet Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!


The truth is you too can improve your eyesight. Almost everybody now has vision problems. Yet did you know that there is a proven product of improving your eyesight without the help of glasses, eye drops or surgery?


This product gets results with all types of poor vision and prevents common eye problems. It helps you see better at any age. It works even if your parents wear glasses, or if you have worn glasses or used eye drops for lots of years.


You’ve Got A Couple Of Choices Right Now…


Your first choice is glasses and eye drops; And these are an on-going EXPENSIVE cost! If you’re spending 50,000 Naira per pair every 6 months, that sums up to about 5M Naira over your lifetime! That’s a down payment on a new house, or a couple of new cars!


Not to mention the fact that glasses and eye drops do not fix your vision, but worsen it. It’s like a temporary band-aid. One that you’re always tied to, being forced to NEED them for pretty much any kind of activity you do.


Your next choice is laser eye surgery:


This isn’t a very cheap choice, either. The most recommended practitioners charge upwards of 500,000 Naira for the entire procedure, and don’t offer any guarantee that you won’t need your glasses and eye drops within a few months.


There have been countless reports that laser eye surgery solves the problem temporarily, with vision worsening quickly and to a HIGHER degree than before the surgery. Like a temporary band aid that makes you bleed more after it falls off.


And this isn’t including all of the reported common side effects of laser eye surgery. Dry, itching and tearing eyes. Difficulty of driving at night. Which results in a permanent solution: Not to mention the fact that it costs a tiny fraction of what a SINGLE pair if eye glasses and eye drops, not to mention an eye surgery, would cost.


Research Has Proven That Wearing Glasses And Contacts Will Destroy Your Vision Over Time!


You’re probably shocked that the very thing you thought was helping you with your eyesight is actually destroying it, slowly, year by year. Or, if you knew about this, you assumed that you had no alternative solution.


If These Eye Remedy Work So Well, Why Hasn’t Anyone INCLUDING My Optometrist Told Me About Them?” Well, the answer here is simple. Doctors profit from all sales of glasses and eye drops.


Millions Of People Have Already Sharpened Their Visual And Mental Focus. Let Me Show You HOW You Too Can Activate Your Body's Natural Healing Powers And How You Can Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!


Do you want to know my secret to perfect vision? Before I disclose it, I want you to know that this method applies to all types of visual defects, including:



This Natural Herbal EyeRelieve works on the following conditions:

  • Cataracts - cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Most cataracts are related to aging. Cataracts are very common in older people. By age 80, more than half have a cataract or have had cataract surgery.
  • Myopia - Nearsightedness, or myopia, as it is medically termed, is a vision condition in which close objects are seen clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred. Nearsightedness occurs if the eyeball is too long or the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, has too much curvature. As a result, the light entering the eye isn’t focused correctly and distant objects look blurred.
  • Glaucoma - is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve and gets worse over time. It's often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma tends to be inherited and may not show up until later in life. The increased pressure, called intraocular pressure, can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain. If damage to the optic nerve from high eye pressure continues, glaucoma will cause permanent loss of vision. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause total permanent blindness within a few years.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy - Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in American adults. It is caused by changes in the blood vessels of the retina. In some people with diabetic retinopathy, blood vessels may swell and leak fluid. In other people, abnormal new blood vessels grow on the surface of the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. A healthy retina is necessary for good vision. If you have diabetic retinopathy, at first you may not notice changes to your vision. But over time, diabetic retinopathy can get worse and cause vision loss. Diabetic retinopathy usually affects both eyes.


  • Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)
  • Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
  • Cross-Eye (Strabismus)
  • Eye strain
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Poor Night Vision
  • "Old-age Sight" (presbyopia)
  • Tension Headache
  • Dyslexia

If you are suffering from any of the above eye conditions, then you would benefit from what I have to show you. Whether you are wearing glasses already or your eyesight is getting worse and you think you may need glasses in the future…


Here's The Natural Remedy to Improve Eyesight Naturally I'm Talking About.


RELIEVE EYE REMEDY Capsules alleviate Eye Fatigue, Return Clear and Shining Eyes
This product is a health food mainly made up of bilberry extract, grape seed extract, taurine, zinc gluconate, vitamin A acetate, hydrogenated oil, beeswax, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water and vegetable carbon black. Taste test has proved that the product has the health function of alleviating eye fatigue.

Relieve Capsules has a Pure Natural Plant Essence, Protect Clear and Shining Eyes
Wild bilberry grows in northern Europe, North America, and Canada and has a long history of curing diabetes and eye diseases. Wild bilberry could prevent sight loss, macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, protect eyes from light hurt, promote the vision and protect vision.

Relieve Capsule is Suitable for: People who often have visual fatigue
Unsuitable for: None


100% safe, no side effect...
and gives a lasting result.

Here is How to Get Relieve Eye Remedy

As you can see above, if we are to calculate the normal cost of the (2 Bottle) , the cost is more than the discount price. That's not a big money for those who know what it means to have been going through this.

This definitely gives result!
You will only have to pay;

 (1 Pack) = N22,000

 (2 Packs) = N38,000




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P.S: Relieve Eye Remedy is the natural remedy you need to recover your eyesight within 90days, without expensive and dangerous surgery. You can finally throw away your glasses and never have to worry about eye drops again. You can live a perfectly care-free life with crystal-clear natural vision.


P.SS: Don’t forget that I take ALL THE RISK by giving you an entire 90 days to try this product out and SEE the improvements in your vision! If you don’t see the results you want, write back to us for a quick and easy refund. There’s no risk on your part!


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