Dosage and Some Ways to Take Moringa Seed for Health Benefits

Moringa seed has been scientifically proven to have the cure of so many diseases and some other defects.
We also all know that the taste of Moringa seed is not so nice and so many people don’t like to eat it including me.
I will like to share some whys of taking the Moringa seed, even if we don’t like the taste and some of the dosage.


You are permitted to eat maximum of two Moringa seeds at a time and all together four seeds in one day.
The Moringa seed cure so many things but also too much of it is bad. It can affect the liver. It can also cause itching.
As much as it is good to take moringa seed, it is not good to take it for so long. What do I mean by “so long” I am talking about eating the seed on a stretch for two months or longer.
I read of a woman that through the taking of the seeds she was able to lose an appreciable weight and also she also looks younger than she really is by taking in one of the seed per day right now she is complaining of itching. I guess she got carried away by the compliments she gets from people and didn’t take note of side effects. There was also a man at the University of Ibadan who was taking the seed for a different reason but he discovered that he was losing quit a number of weight so he had to stop.

The dosage of the moringa seed is to take it with intervals or as you wish but if you will like to stretch your dosage, it is advisable to take it at a stretch for one month and stop for a while giving it a one to two weeks break then continue.
If you are taking it for a certain health challenge, as soon as the challenge disappears you should stop.
For those that are diabetic (type 2), you can take it for one year on a stretch but the moment you discover your sugar level is stable, you are permitted to stop taking it or take it once in a while.

Moringa seed are very potent and too much of it is bad so it is advice to maintain a healthy balance of these recommendations.


    So many people hate the taste of the seed but they have to consume the seed one way or the other because of one health challenge or the other.
    Due to the size of the seed, people have wondered if they could swallow the seeds. It wasn’t sure at first but from research it has been said that swallowing the seed works exactly as chewing it but digestion is speed up when it is chewed. So it is okay to swallow the seed.
    Eating the moringa seed with fruits covers the taste of the seed and you will enjoy the seed with the fruit just as if you are eating just the fruit only. Fruits like apple, mango, banana, etc can be used and al you have to do is to take a bite of the fruit and chew it a little and toss the seed into your mouth, chew and swallow. I tell you, you won’t feel the taste the seed if you do it right.
    Just as other ways, you can blend the seed with fruits or vegetables. You can add it in the blending machine when you are making your smoothes or if you are someone that like juicing your fruits, you can just blend the seed while blending the fruit you want to use for your juice.
    This is also another simple method that you can use in taking the seed. All you have to do is to grind the seed and spread it like you are putting magi in your soup after that you mix it in the soup and its all ready for you. You will enjoy your food without the taste of the seed in it.


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